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Home Organizing Services


Free Consultation

Go Ahead and Book yourself a Free Consultation! Let's talk about what's holding your space back from being organized. These usually last from 15-30 minutes depending on areas being organized. During this consultation we can discuss moving forward with either an in-home organizing session or having a virtual organizing session. Get ready to Restore Your Space! 


In-Home Organizing

After a consultation we can decide when will be best for me to come into your home to organize. You can choose to be involved in the process as much as you like. We will also decide if you want/need products for your space. My in-home organizing process is revolved around YOU! We work on what areas/items you want to first and I work with you to decide what systems will work best in your home and for your lifestyle. 

$45 Per Hour


Virtual Home Organizing

This service is for those who aren't in the Northern Utah area. Or those who want to do organizing on their own, but just need some pointers and motivation going forward. After we have a conultation, I'll come up with a step-by-step plan for organizing each space you need. As well as a product list for your spaces. I can call in during the organizing process or at the end for any questions you might have! 

$55 Per Space 


Unpacking Services

Did you just move into your new home or apartment? Or do you still have some boxes from months ago that need to be unpacked?

Then this service is for you! I can set up your home to have organizing systems from the very beginning. Moving into a new home is the BEST time to get organized! 

$45 Per Hour

Client Testimonials


Ezequiel M. 

Addison is very knowledgeable on what she does. What I thought would take me weeks to organize, Addison completed in a matter of hours. Worth every dime! 
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