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Why am I even doing this?

I've recently decided to go Full-Time with my Professional Organizing Business, LiveOrganized, and have been insanely stressed with not knowing how it's going to turn out. Not having something that is stable and planned out is very nerve-wracking for me. Since I literally have to have everything planned and know exactly the outcome that will probably happen.

So lately I've been asking myself, "why am I even doing this?". It's obviously out of character for me and the risk seems it might not be worth it in the end. While I have confidence I can organize well and work well with clients, there is still no guarantee that business will always go well. The past weeks I've really had to zero-in on the reasons why I'm decided to put my all in this.

And these reasons might just apply to me in this situation, but I feel like others could relate to the feelings I'm having about situations that have happened in their own lives.

1. I'm doing something I feel gives me purpose and fulfillment

I've had so many different jobs or experiences in my life that I've liked, but got old after awhile. Or I would come home from these things and just NEED to take a break. Which incorporates for me either zoning out watching TV, being on my phone, or playing video games. Which is a ton of screen time that I don't need, and they probably in the end did not help me actually 'relax'. All I can say with organizing is that I always am wanting to do it. It's like a constant need for me and it's hard for me to sit still when there is something i could organize in my own home!

When I organize in my own home or in a clients home I literally get excited about doing it. It fils my stomach with happy butterflies in a way. Seeing before and afters of spaces gives me such a sense of accomplishment. While helping out people reclaim their space gives me joy because of the relief I see on their faces. When I come home from a project, I just want to do more, I'm full of energy! It's kind of crazy, but I do feel like I've found my niche and want to do it forever!

2. I think about this, even when I don't need to

So like before, I just get so excited for all things home Organizing! This causes my brain to constantly be coming up with plans and ideas I could use for a client. Or for ways I can make my business better! It's like when I was in High School and would be thinking about a video game I would play when I got home. It's like a stress-reliever for me and I'm honestly just glad I can turn it into a career!

3. I feel like I'm reaching a better and fuller version of myself

Definitely my whole life I've been searching for who I should be or which version of myself makes me happiest. I've had many of these versions throughout my life, and not all of them have been great versions. I think that I've learned a lot in life from trying to find what I really love and what brings me happiness and peace. There are so many other aspects of my life that do, but I want to say that organizing is my favorite business/working version of myself. It's going to be a lifelong change, but I feel like I'm on a progressing path, rather than staying stagnant.

All in all, I feel like I am happier doing this than any other work pathway that I have encountered. I've tried many times to love what I do and get excited about going to work. While I have liked many jobs I've had, I always knew I didn't want to stay forever. I'm so grateful I decided to take the huge step of even starting this business and can now decided that here is where I want to stay. I'm so thankful for everyone who has supported me up to this point, and those who will in the future!

Thanks for reading,

Addison :)

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