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What is “Budget Organizing”?

If you've followed me on social media, you've probable seen an example of budget organizing or saw me talking about it. This idea of "budget organizing" is exactly how it sounds. It's organizing while trying NOT to spend hundreds of dollars on organizing items we don't actually need.

Hear me out, "YOU DON'T ALWAYS NEED ORGANIZING PRODUCTS TO BE ORGANIZED"! While products can help to maximize the use of space you have, we can be organized and set up systems without them.

I know many people, including my own family, who have minimal organizing products and are still able to maintain systems. Even with kids, which is wild, I know. With Budget Organizing, it's the idea of looking into what the core principles of organizing are. These are:

  1. Only keep what you need and use.

  2. Make sure every item has a place. Know where that place is!

  3. Group similar items together so you know what you have.

  4. Creating a system roughly means having a place for items, knowing what you have, being able to use those items when needed, and knowing when you need to replenish those items.

When we look at these core principles, we see that using products isn't required. Using products can be seen as a 'sub-principle' of organizing, under #2: Make sure every item has a place. We can use organizing products to help find a place for every item and to group similar items together. Sometimes, for specific areas of a home or a family situation, products are required to have it organized. But, we can organize our homes without needing to buy or stress about which products to buy and how expensive they are.

I love seeing the aesthetically pleasing, organized, color coordinated homes on social media! I think they are fantastic! However, I know probably in my lifetime I will never be able to afford having a home like that or all those products, and the amazing people who put it together. Again, I'm not saying that these are anything less than wonderful, I'm just saying they are not always obtainable for everyone. And I think that a new outlook on Professional Home Organizing should be had.

I know there are many of you and others who need help from a Professional Organizer. Not because you want your home to look like a 5 star hotel, but because it's influencing your life in a negative way. This is why I'm out here trying to help anyone who is willing to ask for it.

I am a Professional Home Organizer, and I want to bring "budget organizing" to you. Let me know your needs and your homes needs. If you need products to help maximize space, that is what we will use them for. I want to make "living organized" obtainable for everyone!

Love you guys,

Addison Peters

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