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New Year, New Goals?

Hi there, I'm Addison Peters. I own a small Professional Organizing Business in Salt Lake City, Utah. Happy New Year and I hope you enjoy reading!

We've ALL heard it before. But for myself personally, I feel like I've had the same big life goals for awhile. However, this year I want to make small goals that will lead up to achieving my big life goals.

How I made my small goals

To begin with, I wanted to keep doing things

that I know have made me happy and feel relaxed. I think that we all need to reflect what has worked and not worked in the previous year. When we take this into account, it makes it easier to know what we should be doing more of and less of for the future.

Second, I wanted to make sure I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I realize when I do this, little by little, I feel more accomplished and changed through time. I don't like to feel like I'm not moving, whichever direction it is, I want to always feel like I'm improving, or helping others to improve their lives.

Finally, I wanted to make a goal where I could create something I'm proud of. This happened to be improving on my Professional Organizing Business in EVERY aspect. So even if it didn't go as well as I would've liked, I could say th

at I saw proud of what I did create. When we are able to make something by our own hands, we feel useful and fulfilled by what we've done. I believe that everyone needs fulfillment and there are many things we can find it in.

How they lead up to my Big Life Goals

As a business owner in Salt Lake City, Utah, I obviously have a goal to be successful. However, I stsee this as a small goal that can fit into my

Big Life Goal, which is to feel fulfilled, truly happy, and able to live in a place I love with family. My smaller goals in life all lead up to the bigger ones. I think we all have these big life goals that we're trying to fulfill by making these smaller goals within our lives. I hope we can all set smaller goals for ourselves each year and focus on what we can and have done, rather than only focusing on our Big Life Goals and becoming frustrated when they are not met. Also don't forget to enjoy the journey! Have a Happy New Year!!

-Addison Peters, LiveOrganized

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