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My Top 5 Organizing Tips for any Space

Updated: Apr 5

We all need tips to make our space organized and functional. It's a hard process to get done and usually harder to even get started on it!

So I wanted to share my top 5 tips for organizing any space:

  1. Take it 1 section at a time. Focus on a small area. Trying to take on all of it at once is usually too overwhelming.

  2. Get someone to work with you, or to bounce ideas off of. Having another person who can give you suggestions on categories and what you should declutter will give you more motivation to get it done!

  3. Create categories beforehand, so you know where to place items as you sort. This can give you a road map to how you will organize everything.

  4. Find products that will maximize space and be functional. Don't buy a product only because it looks pretty, find something that will be beneficial to you and the space!

  5. Label everything you can. Whether its in a bin or on a shelf, make sure to label where you can see it and make sure it marks the specific area you have for that category.

I hope these help! If you need any more organizing tips feel free to reach out. I offer in-home organizing and unpacking services to anywhere in the Salt Lake County, Utah area. I also offer virtual organizing to anyone outside my service area!

-Addison Peters, LiveOrganized

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