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Lessons I've Learned 

We all learn lessons everyday. But how often do we actually share or keep track of them? I'm here to share what I learn in my everyday life that I feel have changed or helped me. I hope it can change and help you as well! 


1. Declutter before you buy

- You want to make sure that you know everything you have to organize before going to buy organizing products. If you look at a cluttered space and say "i'll go buy some bins to fix this", it's not going to work. You need to declutter and then see all the items you have. After this you can create a plan of where you would like items to go and what space you have to fit organizing products.

2. Measure shelves/areas you want to put products in

-You need to know what space you actually have to fit organizing products in. Measure your shelves to see how deep, wide, and high they are. This will help you to pick the correct bins that will correctly fit in your shelves. As well as helping you to use the space to it's maximum capacity.

3. Create categories/specific spaces for items you have

-You don't have to organize these items all right now. But you should have a vision of where you want things in your home. Such as food categories in the pantry;


-canned items

-microwave meals

-baking items

Making these categories in advance can help you choose which organizing products will work. Such as needing a big bins for snacks, or a smaller bin for baking items.

4. Look for inspiration online

-You can search on google or any social media for organizing inspiration. Simply search the space in your home your are organizing and you will find hundreds or organizing ideas!

5. Search for products online or in shops

-I always prefer to look on Amazon initially, since they have a bigger selection and more affordable products. If you need products asap then I reccomend the Dollar Tree, Walmart, or Target. Depending on your budget. Or if you have The Container Store nearby they usually have any organizing product you could dream of!

6. Feel free to buy multiple types of products or brands

-This way you can see which you like more and what will work in your space. You can usually always return the ones that don't work!

Reach out if you need any more ideas or tips for buying organizing products! I offer in-home organization in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. I offer free consultations and virtual organizing to anyone in the United States!

Happy Organizing!

-Addison Peters, LiveOrganized Owner

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I've decided to share with you the top 5 organizing products I've been able to use in any space. Not only can I use them in any space, but they're efficient in any space! So if you're looking for some basic products that could benefit you in your home these are for you!

1. Over-the-door hanging organizers

Many of use have probable seen shoe organizers that go over the door, however there are are different products that can go over-the-door and give you more space! Try out either of these products on any door in your home.

Multiple use over-the-door organizer

Over-the-door shelves & hooks

2. Stackable Bins

Stackable bins automatically give you double the space you would've had on any shelf. Try either of these variations in a space they will fit in!

Big Stackable Bins

Clear Stackable Bins

3. Lazy Susans

We usually don't think of lazy susans as a way to storganize our things. There are especially good for corners in shelves or counters. Whatever items you can fit on the lazy susan you can have easy access to. It's also fun to spin them, haha!

Acrylic Lazy Susan

12-inch Lazy Susan

4. See-Through Bins

See-through bins are great for anyone who wants to be able to actually see what is in a bin. Which is probably all of us! Both of these work great so you can see what you have at a glance.

See-Through Cloth Bins

Clear Bins

5. Labels

I'm sure you already know what good use labels can be! They help us to keep things categorized and have a place for literally everything. Using them can help you to find things quickly and be able to know where to put things back when cleaning up!

Chalkboard Labels

Bluetooth Label Maker

Thanks for reading! I hope some of these organizing products can help you in your home. I have free consultations and provide in-home organizing services to anyone in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. I also have virtual organizing available for anyone in the country.

-Addison Peters, LiveOrganized

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If you're moving into a new place or want to organize where you currently live, this is for you!

Many of us have spaces we'd like to get organized in our home. But the real challenge comes when we're thinking about what spaces would actually be beneficial to our life. Because of this, I've created 5 space that are important to have organized in your home!

1. Kitchen

-I would guess 99% of us or someone in our family uses the kitchen everyday. It's also one of the places we usually have to clean everyday. This space is the #1 space to have organized. We, as humans, always need food and ways to access it. If your kitchen is organized, has a place for EVERYTHING, then the cleanup process will be so much easier. And you can access all the food you love!

2. Bedroom Closets/Clothing Areas

-Next up is something we also use daily. It's our clothes! Even I can get overwhelmed by laundry and the daunting task to fold it all. What makes it easier is knowing I can fit all my clothes in their determined spot. Having an organized clothing area makes getting ready quick and easy, and who doesn't love that?

3. Bathroom Drawers/Cupboards

-You guessed it, we all use our bathrooms everyday too! Depending on what you keep in your bathroom can make it an important space to keep organized. Having a place for hygiene items, makeup, toiletries, and bath items can make a bathroom space much more functional for you and your family.

4. Storage Rooms

-Storage rooms can be an overwhelming place in your home if they are not organized. While we don't normally use these everyday, when we need items from the rooms, we need it quick. Having this space organized can mean a lot of time saved and money. Because when we can't find something we usually just buy another one. So imagine walking into this room with everything contained and labeled. It's definitely a dream you can have come true!

5. Kids Toys/Hobbies

-If you have kids, we all know how out of control their toys can get in only 1 day! Having a space dedicated to toy storage will save you a lot of time and give your kids an opportunity to learn how to stay organized!

-Also if you or any family members have hobbies there should be a space dedicated for these as well. Being able to have your hobby items organized will make it easier to enjoy them!

Have fun organizing your spaces!

-Addison Peters, Live Organized

Live Organized is a Professional Home Organizing business located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We offer Virtual Organizing, In-home organizing, and Unpacking services.

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