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Hello, I'm Addison Peters! First off let me just thank you for even being on my site. I'm dedicated to helping you and others to learn to organize your lives, by starting with your homes. I am 23 years old and recently graduated from Brigham Young University with my Bachelors degree in Family Life. I have lived in Utah my whole life and recently moved to the Salt Lake area and started my business.  

I created Live Organized after discovering my love for tidying up. With my past jobs and roommates, I've learned that I have a passion for getting messes cleaned up and organized, it gives me my reason to wake up in the morning with joy! I know many don't see cleaning and organizing as fun or exciting, but I hope that after visiting with me you will begin to see more value in organization. I look forward to hearing from you!



Once I left my childhood home, I realized a huge part of my personality and way of life: my need to be organized. Not just in my living space but in my work, thinking, and actions. I found that with roommates, I was usually the one who kept our apartment spotless and functional. I liked my home to be an uplifting place for all who entered. To relax, I found myself taking a few hours to clean and stay organized. After college, I decided to pursue my dream job of becoming a professional organizer. 




I believe everyone has a right to a clean home that meets their needs. For past clients, I find that they are so grateful after their space has been organized. They feel their load in life lighten, and their minds feel clearer. This change I have seen in others from a simple project has caused me to find this fulfilling. I have seen how my mental health changes as my living space change as well. I want to give this to everyone who desires that change as well. 

Why my practices are unique!

You may find in many of my photos that I do not have everything extremely color coordinated or seem to have a look that it is expensive and belongs in a very fancy home. While I can provide that service to those who wish it, I like to use what provisions people already have in their homes to organize their space. It amazes me how many items can be used in different ways to maximize their space.


My goal is to make this experience as affordable and freeing as possible while helping your space look tidy and released from clutter. 

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